Dr. Jacob Mirman helps immigrants fill out N648 forms

Many immigrants need help filling out form N648 and are looking for an N648 doctor. Immigrants to the United States have many reasons to want to become United States citizens. In order for them to become a citizen they must pass an exam which includes knowledge of English; speaking, reading and writing. They also need […]

Parkinson’s Disease; new treatment without Carbidopa

For patients looking for a new treatment for Parkinson’s disease that doesn’t deplete vitamin B-6, there’s a new alternative treatment without Carbidopa. There is a new, natural alternative treatment for Parkinson’s disease that does not deplete the body of B-6. Dr. Jacob Mirman, from Life Medical, www.lifemedical.us specializes in this new treatment for Parkinson’s disease. […]

Parkinson’s Disease; a new alternative treatment without the side effects

Good news for patients with Parkinson’s disease; there is a new alternative treatment that doesn’t have the side effects of the drugs typically prescribed by mainstream medicine. There is a new Parkinson’s disease treatment that is a natural alternative. At Life Medical, www.lifemedical.us Dr. Jacob Mirman specializes in the use of a natural treatment option […]

Parkinson’s Disease; A New Natural Alternative Treatment

Parkinson’s Disease: A New Natural Alternative Treatment and Frequently Asked Questions Patients Could Benefit From A New Treatment For Parkinson’s Disease. 1.  How is Parkinson’s Disease treated by mainstream medicine? Although there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s, there are treatment options available. Conventional medicine offers medications and implantable devices to manage its symptoms. Levodopa […]