Announcing infection management on Zoom.

In an effort to reduce spread of Covid-19/coronavirus disease, Life Medical is instituting remote management of infections.  If you have a respiratory infection, like a flu or a cold, please do not come to the clinic in person. This way you will protect yourself and others from cross-infection.  One of our doctors will see you on Zoom and recommend appropriate management.  In most cases physical exam is not necessary.  In cases where an exam or a blood test is deemed necessary, you will be asked to go to an urgent care center.

In many cases Dr. Mirman may suggest homeopathic remedies to manage your condition in addition to other indicated modalities. Homeopathy is very effective in infectious disease, including epidemic disease.  Historically it has saved many lives in epidemics like cholera, diphtheria, influenza and others. The homeopathic remedy can be prescribed during the Zoom visit, provided at no charge outside the clinic (or purchased at Whole Foods), and the case will continue being managed closely by phone.

Our website offers the historical data mentioned above along with research and detailed instructions on the use of homeopathic medications in respiratory and other infections.  Homeopaths around the world are reporting good results in covid cases, even some of the advanced ones.  Minnesota homeopaths, including Dr. Mirman, are also seeing cases of covid and are reporting good results.


Zoom visits for MN patients with medical insurance can be billed to their insurance if it covers our clinic, and specifically Dr. Mirman (Medica, United Healthcare and related entities do not cover Dr. Mirman’s services due to certain philosophical differences).  Uninsured patients will be charged $150.00 for the initial visit, which includes continued follow-up until the acute disease has resolved.  People without medical coverage who can’t afford these fees can pay whatever they can afford.

Do not treat fever with any drugs at all; you don’t need to suppress the fever. Only use something if you are really sick from it and can’t stand it. If you do have to use a drug to suppress fever, use acetaminophen (most commonly known as Tylenol). It is much safer than NSAID drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.  These NSAIDs cause side effects like stomach ulcers, sometimes with dangerous bleeding, and they increase heart attack risk three-fold

And on the light side: WASH YOUR HANDS!