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By: Daniel J. Crona, PharmD, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics, Eshelman School of Pharmacy
  • Clinical Pharmacy Specialist (Genitourinary Malignancies), Department of Pharmacy, North Carolina Cancer Hospital, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Allegations that the crime 565 occurred “on or about” the date alleged in the complaint will usually be sufficient symptoms nasal polyps cheap 500 mg antabuse visa. The complaint may also properly allege that the crime occurred sometime within a 566 specific period symptoms 9dpo bfp buy antabuse 250 mg lowest price, for example: “between May symptoms lactose intolerance 500 mg antabuse visa, 1, 1996 and February, 28, 1997. If the court concludes that such a bill of particulars is necessary for the defendant to prepare a defense, then the 567 State is bound to prove the allegations in its response to the bill of particulars. Location Of the Offense the physical location or “address” where the illegal act occurred is not an element of an offense. Nonetheless, it is good practice to include the location of the offense in order to fully apprise the defendant of the act with which he or she is charged and to protect the defendant from being tried twice for the same act. The Description Of the Crime the large blank area on the complaint—which is preceded by the language “and the laws of New Hampshire for which the defendant should be held to answer, in that the defendant did”—is where the specifics of the charged crime are set forth. In addition, the complaint should allege 228 Issued on: 7/15/2008 sufficient detail to inform the defendant of the crime with which he or she is being charged and to protect the defendant from being charged again for the same crime. The sample complaint section at the end of the chapter provides examples of how to draft complaints for specific offenses. Obviously, officers will need to modify the language of any sample to fit the specifics of the crime being charged. Amending a Complaint A complaint can be amended at any time, to correct an error or to change the wording of the charge, provided the amendment is non-substantive –meaning an 568 amendment that does not change the charged offense, or add a new offense. If an amendment is necessary, it can be done by oral or written motion by the State. A statement such as the following would be sufficient: “Your Honor, I move to amend the complaint in this case by inserting the date July 18, 1983, as the date of the 569 offense, instead of June 18, 1983. If a prosecu to r nol prosses a complaint after jeopardy has attached because he or she believes it was defective as to substance (as opposed to the complaint being dismissed by the court as insufficient), the State will be barred by 571 double jeopardy from a subsequent prosecution. If there is a defect in the substance of the complaint and it appears that the judge is going to grant a motion to quash or to dismiss prior to jeopardy attaching, the 229 Issued on: 7/15/2008 prosecu to r should request a recess or a continuance in order to prepare a corrected complaint. Similarly, if a motion to quash or dismiss has been granted prior to trial due to errors in drafting the complaint, police prosecu to rs may bring a new complaint that corrects the error that led the court to dismiss the previous complaint. At times, a defendant might raise an objection to certain words in the complaint, or move to dismiss based on a State’s failure to prove specific facts alleged in a complaint. Provided that the words or facts were not necessary to charge the offense, but were included to provide information to the defendant, the court may 572 ignore the unnecessary words as “surplusage. For example, in a case in which the defendant was charged with theft of a television set with a specific serial number, but there was no evidence concerning the serial number presented at trial, the prosecution could make a motion such as the following: “Your Honor, I move that the serial number of the s to len television identified in the complaint be disregarded as 573 surplusage or in the alternative stricken from the complaint as surplusage. Guilty Pleas Constitute A Waiver Of Defects In Complaints the entry of a plea of guilty to a complaint constitutes a waiver of any defects apparent on the face of the complaint, and the defendant cannot later challenge the 574 defect. Introduction the following chapter provides sample complaint language for a variety of criminal offenses, which are commonly dealt with by law enforcement officers. It is intended to serve as a guide for officers when drafting criminal complaints, to be used in combination with the actual statutes. The statu to ry language for each criminal offense is set out, with certain phrases bracketed and highlighted in yellow. The non bracketed phrases indicate elements or words that generally should be included in the complaint. The bracketed phrases indicate elements for which the officer should provide some factual detail. The second element of the offense can be satisfied in one of several ways, by either owning, possessing, of having under one’s control. Thus, those words are bracketed and highlighted, indicating the officer must decide which to allege. There are a number of different types of weapons that would satisfy that element; they are included in the next bracketed phrase. The language in the fourth bracketed phrase describes the permissible types of convictions.

Look for ulcer symptoms detached retina generic antabuse 250mg with visa, macerated papules of condyloma lata medicine 6 year in us purchase antabuse 500mg fast delivery, warts treatment xanthelasma buy antabuse 250mg without a prescription, discharge, patulous anus, haemorrhoids, fissures, fistula. Palpation of spermatic cords: Tenderness, asymmetry, and thickening, varicocoeles. Palpation of scrotum: Asymmetry, tenderness, consistency of testes and epididymis, transillumination for hydrocoele. Should not be carried out if the client has painful perianal disease such as herpetic ulcers, fissures, or haemorrhoids. During external genital examination of male clients, one should look for this signs. The syndrome specific partner management approach to the lient with specific points and management issues specific to to be considered during his to ry taking and pregnancy. It should not be used on extensive areas per Single or multiple soft, painless, pink in session. Warts weekly till the lesions resolve could appear in other forms such as completely. Clients should be warned Presumptive diagnosis by his to ry of against self­medication. Recommended regimens: • Cervical cy to logy should be periodically done in the sexual Penile and Perianal warts partner(s) of men with genital warts. Treatment Recommended regimen: • Permethrin 1% creme rinse applied Fig 5d: Molluscum contagiosum to affected areas and wash off after 10 minutes Causative Organism Special instructions Pox virus • Retreatment is indicated after 7 days Clinical features if lice are found or eggs observed at Multiple, smooth, glistening, globular the hair­skin junction. Sexually transmitted lesions on or should be washed and well dried or around genitals can be seen. When the lesions are • Sexual partner must also be treated squeezed, a cheesy material comes out. Diagnosis Scabies Diagnosis is based on the above clinical Causative Organism: Mite ­ Sarcoptes features. The contents should be exposed and the inner wall to uched with 25% phenol solution or 30% trichloracetic acid. Pediculosis pubis Causative Organism Fig 5e: Genital Scabies Lice ­ Phthirus pubis 40 N a t i o n a l A I D S C o n t r o l O r g a n i s a t i o n Guidelines for Setting Up Blood S to rage Centres Clinical features Partner management Severe pruritis (itching) is experienced by Partner management is an activity in which the client, which becomes worse at night. Timely partner management serves Complications following purpose: • Eczematization with or without • Prevention of re­infection secondary infection • Prevention of transmission from • Urticaria infected partners and • Glomerulonephritis • Help in detection of asymp to matic individuals, who do not seek • Contact dermatitis to antiscabetic treatment. Many be seen as a slightly elevated grayish times partners do not seek services, dotted line in the skin, best seen in the soft as they perceive confidentiality as a part of the skin. Respecting dignity of client and ensuring confidentiality Treatment will promote partner management. Recommended regimens: • Voluntary reporting: Providers must • Permethrin cream (5%) applied to all not impose any pre­conditions giving areas of the body from the neck down treatment to the index client. Providers may need to counsel client several times to emphasize the • Benzyl benzoate 25% lotion, to be importance of client initiated referral applied all over the body, below the of the partners. Client should bathe in the • Client initiated partner management: morning, and have a change of Providers should understand that clothing. Such client • Clothing or bed linen that have been imitated partner management may used by the client should be not work in some relationships and thoroughly washed and well dried or may also put women at the risk of dry cleaned. Hence alternative • Sexual partner must also be treated approaches should be considered in along the same lines at the same time. If no response till one or two weeks, because many asymp to matic clinic or health department staff can attempt to partners are reluctant to wait or pay trace the contact for treatment. Referral by index client client, whether or not they have In this approach, index client informs symp to ms or signs of infection. This • Special care is required in notifying approach may also include use of partners of women with lower client initiated therapy for all contacts. The information partners should be treated to prevent provided by client is used possible re­infection. It should be confidentially to trace and contact recognized, however, that the partners directly. The case finding is a process of the cause: opportunistic screening for an infection at the time when an individual presents to a To probe for treatment failure health facility, regardless of presence of • Did you take all your medicines as symp to ms. Most common screening To probe for re­infection programmes worldwide are those for • Did your partner(s) come for detecting syphilis in pregnant women.

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Antibiotic treatment and raphy in the newborn: effect of seizure on regional blood flow in an relapse in Whipple’s disease treatment with cold medical term order antabuse with amex. Status epilepticus associated with monary resuscitation: relation to medications like gabapentin order antabuse mastercard seizures and myoclonus symptoms vitamin d deficiency purchase antabuse 250 mg online. Seizures associated with alcohol use and alcohol with treatment with linezolid and citalopram. New York: Oxford University Press; fate with pheny to in for the prevention of eclampsia. Potentiation of pyridoxine by plastic encephalitis/sensory neuropathy: a clinical study of 71 patients. European Moni to ring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction Scientific marrow transplantation. Lisbon, Portugal: European geneic bone marrow transplantation for chronic lymphocytic leukemia. New-onset seizures in adults: possible association posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome. Not infre Mental retardation and cerebral palsy are the most commonly quently, the specific cause remains unknown, although discussed, but autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, advances in neuroimaging, molecular genetics, and metabolic learning disabilities, depression, and psychoses all complicate testing may remedy this lack. The mild form has an estimated incidence of 20 to Just as epilepsy is not a solitary disease, mental retardation is 30 cases per 1000 livebirths, or 2% to 3% of the population, not a disease, a syndrome, or a specific medical disorder. Approximately 50% of all per 2002, the American Association on Mental Retardation (1) sons with cerebral palsy have mental retardation (7). Five criteria were believed to be childhood-onset epilepsy associated with mental retardation essential: (i) the limitation in present functioning must be con and cerebral palsy ranges from 15% to 38% (8). The highest sidered within the context of community environments typical rates of epilepsy are found in children with severe develop to the individual’s age, peers, and culture; (ii) to be valid, an mental disability and multiple handicaps; coexisting cerebral assessment must consider cultural and linguistic diversity, as palsy and mental retardation increase the likelihood of well as differences in communication, sensory, mo to r, and epilepsy twofold, compared with either condition alone (8). In behavioral fac to rs; (iii) within an individual, limitations often these children, intellectual disability results primarily from the coexist with strengths; (iv) an important purpose of describing underlying brain disease, not from epilepsy (9); however, con limitations is to develop a profile of needed supports; and tinued frequent, repetitive, and uncontrolled seizures may pro (v) with appropriate personalized supports over a sustained duce additional neuropsychological deficits. These criteria do not state an patient begins with careful evaluation and classification. Differential diagnoses to be 75), trainable (30 to 50), and severely or profoundly retarded considered will depend on clinical findings and his to ry (see (less than 30). The encephalopathic epilepsies such as Lennox–Gastaut syn abilities of a person with mental retardation depend both on drome, infantile spasms (West syndrome), and malignant par intelligence, as measured by formal testing, and social adapt tial epilepsy—are more common in the multihandicapped ability, which includes interpersonal and group behaviors (4). Early studies suggested an approximately 28% trolled seizures and new drugs and modalities, increasing the incidence of epilepsy in persons with cerebral palsy, but more risk of status epilepticus and seizure clusters. Although many recent epidemiologic studies place the combined incidence at etiologies of epilepsy and mental retardation are long-standing, 0. Individuals with severe cerebral the new onset of seizures in a person with mental retardation palsy and those with both mental retardation and cerebral or other neurologic handicap requires a complete reevalua palsy run a high risk of epilepsy (8). Treatment of these hemiplegic form manifests as a mo to r deficit in the second to individuals is discussed in the following sections. Underlying Cerebral palsy frequently shares an etiology with epilepsy, and periventricular leukomalacia is often seen. The diagnostic evaluation of children with cerebral palsy parallels that for mental retardation. The American Academy of Neurology recommends neuroimaging studies; other testing Autism is a heterogeneous, pervasive developmental disorder should depend on findings from his to ry, physical examina that portends lifelong disability (Table 36. Worsening cerebral palsy should Markedly abnormal or impaired development in social inter prompt a complete diagnostic reevaluation. Cerebral palsy action and communication skills, evident in the first 3 years of and epilepsy associated with hydrocephalus managed with life, affect language and behavior (15,16). Affected children ventricular shunting, worsening epilepsy, mo to r signs, or dete typically do not demonstrate the normal attachment to and rioration in intellectual ability or behavior mandate reevalua interest in parents, caregivers, and peers and also may show tion for shunt malfunction and other complications. Children with autistic spectrum dis or discontinuation of medications for spasticity, movement orders may exhibit echolalia and verbal repetition, along with disorders, or maladaptive behaviors may significantly affect abnormalities in pitch, in to nation, rate, and rhythm, as well as the frequency of seizures. Seizures usually have an earlier recent identification and inclusion of autism in Rett, Fragile X, onset in individuals with severe cerebral palsy than in those and Angelman syndromes suggest a higher incidence than pre with milder forms. Epidemiologic studies indicate rates related to the severity of the mo to r deficit. Fewer children as high as six cases per 1000 children (18), with a 3:1 higher with symp to matic or cryp to genic epilepsy associated with incidence in boys. A to tal of six (or more) items from (1), (2), and (3), with two from (1), and at least one each from (2) and (3).

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Draw the ballpoint inwards to symptoms of dehydration buy 500 mg antabuse amex wards the induration; where it meets resistance draw a short line oblique to medicine norco generic antabuse 250mg mastercard the radial line; do the same on the opposite side; measure the distance between the two oblique lines in millimetres; this is the exact distance of induration medicine 2632 purchase antabuse overnight delivery. National Guidelines for the Management of Tuberculosis Page 20 A false positive result is rare in the tuberculin skin test once there is agreement on the criterion for a positive result. It is for that reason that the criterion for a tuberculin test being positive is the size of the induration. With the frst tuberculin test being negative, the second test may be positive, which may be erroneously interpreted as a recent tuberculin test conversion, or recent M. This is erroneous because the second increased induration is only the result of a boosting of pre existing cellular immunity caused by the frst of the two tuberculin injections. Physicians who use the tuberculin test for moni to ring recent infection in health care settings should be particularly aware of this phenomenon. A negative test result indicates – but is not frm proof that the person is not infected by mycobacteria. These include: • Incorrect test application (subcutaneous injection instead of intradermal); inactive tuberculin, • the patient is severely immune suppressed. Similarly, environmental mycobacteria are very common in Namibia and also create a positive tuberculin test result. That is the reason for deciding on 10mm or more as the cut-off point for infection by M. It may have many different manifestations depending on the organ that is affected. Presence or absence of these signs and symp to ms should always be elicited from the patient. Specifc complaints such as pain and swelling are caused by National Guidelines for the Management of Tuberculosis Page 21 infammation of the affected organ. A needle is inserted in to the centre of the swollen lymph node, and material is aspirated in to the needle. In addition, the specimen is sent for cy to logy or his to logy if there is no obvious evidence of caseation. Tissue biopsy A biopsy from the affected organ can be obtained during a surgical procedure on patients undergoing investigation or excision of a diseased organ. The aspirate forms a web when left standing and shows a high protein content on analysis. Some tests are desirable if they can be done at start of treatment while others are indicated when a patient develops complications. Repeat labora to ry examinations are only indicated when a patient develops complications. Specifcity is increased when the lymphocyte/neutrophil ratio in the pleural fuid (of > 0. Where only smear microscopy is available, two negative smears may be considered bacteriologically negative. In the event that a patient was started on treatment as an emergency without sputum collection, sputum can still be collected when the patient’s condition has stabilised. New patients may be bacteriologically confrmed or clinically diagnosed and may have disease at any ana to mical site. They are further classifed by the outcome of their most recent course of treatment (relapse; treatment after failure; treatment after loss to follow-up or unknown last outcome) as shown in table 8. Standardised treatment means that all patients in a defned group receive the same treatment regimen, and has the following advantages over individualised prescriptions of medicines: • it minimises errors in prescription, and thus reducing the risk of development of drug resistance • it simplifes estimation of medicine requirements at all levels • it reduces costs • it ensures regular medicine supply when patients move from one area to another • treatment results can be compared. For assigning standard regimens, patients are grouped by the same patient registration groups used for recording and reporting, which differentiate new patients from those who have had prior treatment. Recommended regimens for different patient registration groups are shown in Table 9. An X-ray should be performed at baseline in all clinically diagnosed cases and all cases who are smear positive at 5 months. After this, treatment shifts to a less intensive phase of treatment the continuation phase. This is particularly important in patients at high risk of poor adherence or drug resistance 5. Defnitions of treatment outcomes the table below shows the defnition of standardised treatment outcomes.

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Moni to treatment brown recluse spider bite purchase antabuse on line amex ring and Managing Potential Complications • Identify patients at risk and manage their symp to medicine 6469 purchase antabuse 250 mg without a prescription ms as needed symptoms sinus infection buy antabuse 500mg without a prescription. Evaluation Expected Patient Outcomes • Attains a normal pattern of elimination • Reports decreased pain • Recovers without complications For more information, see Chapter 38 in Smeltzer, S. E Emphysema, Pulmonary In emphysema, impaired oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange results from destruction of the walls of overdistended alveoli. As the walls of the alveoli are destroyed (a process accelerated by recurrent infections), the alveolar surface area in direct contact with the pulmonary capillaries continually decreases. This causes an increase in dead space (lung area where no gas exchange can occur) and impaired oxygen diffusion, which leads to hypox emia. In the later stages of disease, carbon dioxide elimination is impaired, resulting in increased carbon dioxide tension in arterial blood (hypercapnia) leading to respira to ry acidosis. As the alveolar walls continue to break down, the pulmonary cap illary bed is reduced in size. Consequently, resistance to pul monary blood fiow is increased, forcing the right ventricle to maintain a higher blood pressure in the pulmonary artery. For this reason, right-sided heart failure (cor pulmonale) is one of the complications of emphysema. Congestion, dependent edema, distended neck veins, or pain in the region of the liver suggests the development of cardiac failure. There are two main types of emphysema, based on the changes taking place in the lung. In the panlobular (panacinar) type of emphy sema, there is destruction of the respira to ry bronchiole, alve olar duct, and alveolus. All air spaces within the lobule are essentially enlarged, but there is little infiamma to ry disease. A hyperinfiated (hyperexpanded) chest, marked dyspnea on exertion, and weight loss typically occur. To move air in to and out of the lungs, negative pressure is required during 280 Empyema 281 inspiration, and an adequate level of positive pressure must be attained and maintained during expiration. Instead of being an involuntary passive act, expiration becomes active and requires muscular effort. In the centrilobular (centroacinar) form, pathologic changes take place mainly in the center of the secondary lob E ule, preserving the peripheral portions of the acinus. Fre quently, there is a derangement of ventilation–perfusion ratios, producing chronic hypoxemia, hypercapnia, poly cythemia, and episodes of right-sided heart failure. The patient also develops peripheral edema, which is treated with diuretic therapy. Nursing Management See “Nursing Management” under “Chronic Obstructive Pul monary Disease” for additional information. Empyema Empyema is a collection of thick, purulent (infected) fiuid within the pleural space. At first the pleural fiuid is thin, with a low leukocyte count, but it frequently progresses to a fibrop urulent stage and then to a stage at which it encloses the lung with a thick exudative membrane (loculated empyema). Clinical Manifestations • Patient is acutely ill with signs and symp to ms similar to those of an acute respira to ry infection or pneumonia (fever, night sweats, pleural pain, cough, dyspnea, anorexia, weight loss). The fiuid is drained, and appropriate antibiotics, in large doses, are pre scribed on the basis of the causative organism. Drainage of the pleural fiuid depends on the stage of the disease and is accom E plished by one of the following methods: • Needle aspiration (thoracentesis) if volume is small and fiuid is not to o thick. Endocarditis, Infective Infective endocarditis is a microbial infection of the endothe lial surface of the heart. A deformity or injury of the endo cardium leads to accumulation on the endocardium of fibrin and platelets (clot formation). Infectious organisms, usually staphy lococci, strep to cocci, enterococci, pneumococci, or chlamydiae Endocarditis, Infective 283 invade the clot and endocardial lesion. E • Age: More common in older people, who are more likely to have degenerative or calcific valve lesions, reduced immuno logic response to infection, and the metabolic alterations associated with aging.

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