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By: Daniel J. Crona, PharmD, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics, Eshelman School of Pharmacy
  • Clinical Pharmacy Specialist (Genitourinary Malignancies), Department of Pharmacy, North Carolina Cancer Hospital, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Nicotine and cotinine levels with risk of attention defcit hyperactivity disorder and electronic cigarette a review gastritis symptoms acute cheap omeprazole line. Maternal personality traits associ Chemical composition and evaluation of nicotine gastritis diet ĺő cheap omeprazole 40 mg visa, tobacco ated with patterns of prenatal smoking and exposure: alkaloids gastritis diet 7 day best buy for omeprazole, pH, and selected favors in e-cigarette car implications for etiologic and prevention research. Effects of electronic cigarette liquid nicotine con evidence and arguments for a multidisciplinary centration on plasma nicotine and puff topography research agenda. Environmental Health Perspectives in tobacco cigarette smokers: A preliminary report. Archives of General Psychiatry of the effects of e-cigarette vapor and cigarette 2009;66(11):1244–52. Inhalation Toxicology Lotfpour S, Leonard G, Perron M, Pike B, Richer L, 2012;24(12):850–7. Central auditory Prenatal exposure to maternal cigarette smoking inter processing in school-age children prenatally exposed acts with a polymorphism in the alpha6 nicotinic ace to cigarette smoke. Neurotoxicology and Teratology tylcholine receptor gene to infuence drug use and 1994;16(3):269–76. Journal of Abnormal Child tine and cotinine transfer to the human fetus, placenta Psychology 2012;40(8):1277–88. Adolescent brain in calcium within the laterodorsal tegmentum: a pon maturation and smoking: what we know and where tine nucleus involved in addiction processes. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease 2014;45:323–42. Aerosol deposition doses in the human respiratory treatment during early adolescence increases subse tree of electronic cigarette smokers. Methods and considerations for effects of electronic and tobacco cigarettes on exhaled longitudinal structural brain imaging analysis across nitric oxide. Knowledge, attitudes, and practice modulation of adolescent dopamine receptor signaling Health Effects of E-Cigarette Use Among U. Youth and Young Adults 137 A Report of the Surgeon General and hypothalamic peptide response. Neuropharmacology Musso F, Bettermann F, Vucurevic G, Stoeter P, Konrad 2014;77:285–93. Smoking impacts on prefrontal atten Moore D, Aveyard P, Connock M, Wang D, Fry-Smith A, tional network function in young adult brains. Effectiveness and safety of nicotine replace Psychopharmacology 2007;191(1):159–69. American Journal of Health Promotion 2011;25(5 Adolescence is a period of development characterized Suppl):S31–S37. Cigarette smoking, of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics nicotine dependence and anxiety disorders: a sys 1988;244(3):940–4. Nicotine lescents with prenatal exposure to maternal cigarette blood levels and short-term smoking reduction with an smoking. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and smoking during late pregnancy and offspring smoking Drugs 2011;72(2):199–209. Allergology electronic nicotine delivery system and traditional cig International 2012;61(3):365–72. Nostro A, Scaffaro R, D’Arrigo M, Botta L, Filocamo A, Prenatal administration of nicotine results in dopami Marino A, Bisignano G. Neurotoxicology namaldehyde polymeric flms: mechanical proper and Teratology 1999;21(5):603–9. Do dopamine gene variants and prenatal smoking concentrations with electronic cigarette use: effects interactively predict youth externalizing behavior Newly released data from the revised during pregnancy predicts nicotine disorder (depen U. National Vital Statistics dence or withdrawal) in young adults—a birth cohort Reports 2013;62(4):1–22.

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The triad of low posterior hairline gastritis nuts purchase omeprazole 10mg amex, short webbed neck gastritis symptoms mayo clinic cheap omeprazole 40 mg with visa, and limitation of neck motion repre sents the Klippel-Feil syndrome symptoms of gastritis in babies buy 10 mg omeprazole with visa. Sprengel’s deformity of the scap ula and a bridging omovertebral bone may also be present in Klippel-Feil syndrome. The spinal involvement may include posterior element abnormalities, occipitalization of the atlas, basilar impression, dens anomalies, and scoliosis. Chiari I malformation, hydrosyringomyelia, neuren teric cyst, or diastematomyelia may occur. Hypermobility and instability at unfused segments and early degenerative disease may lead to foraminal or spinal canal stenosis, osteophytic spurs, subluxation, facet arthropathy, or disk herniation. Occipitalization of the Atlas Occipitalization of the atlas refers to complete or partial fusion of the atlas to the occiput, which may be bony or brous (see Fig. Usually, the anterior arch is assimilated into the anterior rim of the foramen magnum. Craniocervical instability often results from ligamentous deficiency or insufficiency. Spinal angiography is Spinal fractures occur less commonly in childhood than in adult necessary for full evaluation of the vascular anomaly in anticipa hood and may be related to vehicular accidents, falls, diving, tion of surgery or interventional therapy. In infants and young children the spinal cord are rare and may manifest as hemorrhage (sub the injuries are usually upper cervical. After clo avulsion fracture of the anterior arch of the atlas, C1 posterior sure of the synchondroses by 8 to 10 years of age, the fulcrum arch fracture, extension C2 teardrop fracture, laminar fracture, shifts caudally and injuries tend to occur at the mid to lower hangman’s fracture. Spinal Injury Spinal injury in neonates and young infants may occur with Spinal injury results from one or a combination of basic mecha birth. The differential di agnosis includes myelitis, demy elination, and ischemia, with tumor A B less likely. The Jefferson fracture represents axial com cause of injury to the cervicomedullary junction, there may pression fractures of the anterior and posterior C1 arches, often be respiratory arrest with otherwise unexplained hypoxic with outward displacement of the articular masses. In the juvenile and adolescent, cervical Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis spine injuries tend to follow the adult patterns. Anterior slippage of the upper vertebral compression or chance fractures (horizontal body and neural arch body upon the lower one. Bilateral in most cases, spondylolysis usually occurs at L5 burst fractures from falls. Although it is often associated with repetitive trauma, a de velopmental predisposition is likely. A dysplastic type is character Spinal Cord Injury ized by hypoplasia/aplasia of the L5 neural arch and S1 apophyseal Spinal cord injury, including cord compression from spinal mal joints. There Infection and Inammation may be associated hydrosyringomyelia or arachnoid cysts. Infection may involve the disk, vertebral body, paravertebral soft tissues, epidural space, meninges, or spinal neuraxis. Infectious Myelitis processes occurring during childhood include spondylitis (diski Myelitis, which refers to spinal cord inammation, is often viral. Other rare causes of inammatory Infectious Spondylitis myelopathy in childhood include autoimmune demyelination Infectious spondylitis in childhood is most often of hematoge. The immature and highly vascularized the association of myelitis with optic neuritis (see Chapter 8). Disk space narrowing, end Although rare, spinal cord abscess may occur by direct spread plate irregularities or erosions, and sclerosis may be present on. There may be an as sociated epidural or paraspinal abscess, or, rarely, meningitis. Sequelae include disk degeneration, vertebral destruction, osse ous bridging, scoliosis, kyphosis, and Schmorl nodes. Granulomatous spondylitis usually results from Mycobacterium tu berculosis, with a predilection for children from underserved or developing areas. Thoracolumbar involvement is common and may be primary or secondary (spread from other organs). Imaging c shows anterior vertebral erosion or extensive vertebral destruc c tion, with or without disk loss, paraspinal masses (granuloma, ab scess), and calcication (Fig. It may be primary or an extension from contiguous osteomyelitis of the sacrum or ileum. It may be hematog enous in origin or may arise as a direct extension from suppura tive spondylitis.

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Isomalt gastritis upper gi cheap omeprazole online visa, determining the total maltitol gastritis diet 800 buy omeprazole 20mg free shipping, mannitol gastritis with fever cheap omeprazole 20mg on-line, sorbitol, and xylitol are examples of sugar carbohydrate per alcohols. Recall from last week that sugar alcohols don’t raise blood glucose as much as the same amount of other carbohydrates (starch and sugar). To figure out the amount of carbohydrate you should count for a food with sugar alcohols, follow these tips: • Subtract half of the sugar alcohol grams from the total carbohydrate. Fats & Oils: Oils: Plant fats, such as oils in this aisle, are still calorie dense, but they do not contribute to heart disease in the way saturated fats do. How does the Salad Dressings: the calories from regular salad dressings add carbohydrate content of up quickly since oil, mayonnaise, and sometimes cheese are fat-free dressing main ingredients. You might settle on a regular and use just a small amount or dilute it with vinegar or water. Sweeteners: Sugar: Sugars are the sweeteners you find on the shelves here (granulated sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, honey, jams, syrups) and the sweeteners used in commercial food products (high-fructose corn syrup, corn sweeteners, dextrose, etc. Examples of sugary foods containing those ingredients would be soda pop, candy and fruit drinks. Other sweet foods contain sugar and fat, such as cookies, pies, cakes and pastries. Using the Plate Method for meal planning reminds us to limit added sugars and sweet foods because of the carbohydrate, fat and calorie content and because they have little other nutrition value. When you do include them, recall that each carbohydrate 92 Meals Made Easy Lesson 3 containing Plate Method portion has about 15 g of carbohydrate. Remember to look at the Nutrition Facts for total carbohydrate to see how they might fit into your Plate Method meals. How many sugar Sugar substitutes: There are four low-calorie sweeteners now substitutes do you find commonly available in the U. They are acesulfame potassium (ace-K), aspartame, saccharin and sucralose (brand name Splenda). These low calorie sweeteners are “free foods” because they have no calories and do not raise blood glucose levels. Find a seasoning you Seasonings: By using herbs and spices you can flavor foods have never tried without relying on excess salt or fat. You can purchase single herbs/spices or mixtures that impart flavors common to ethnic foods, such as Italian, Mexican, etc. What is the price Canned & Dry Foods: difference between low Vegetables: Remember that starchy vegetables such as green sodium and regular peas, corn and potatoes are part of the grains, beans, starchy canned vegetables Canned vegetables are usually higher in sodium content, but there are many low or no-sodium products available, usually at no extra cost. Fruits: Fruits canned in juice, water or light syrup will be similar in carbohydrate content to fresh fruit. Compare cost (price per lb or serving) of plain rice to convenience rice and pasta mixes. Find a frozen meal that Frozen Foods: Frozen vegetables are lower in sodium than looks good and contains regular canned versions and can be very convenient. Check less than 10 grams of Nutrition Facts on frozen entrees and convenience items as many total fat per serving can be high in fat and calories. Compare carbohydrate Beverages: the Plate Method suggests milk as the beverage at content of 100% juice to each meal, but what about all the other beverages in the store Have participants use the Fast & Nutritious Foods handout to help them come up with ideas. Take some time to write it down and share (verbalize) your plans with one other person. Closing Suggest participants bring a favorite recipe with them to next class, since activities will include altering recipes for health. Compare fat and cost per 4 ounce portion of extra lean ground beef compared to lean ground turkey or chicken products. Add the garlic Nutrition Information: 1 vegetable and ginger and stir for 1 minute.

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Youth and Young dul ts A eportofth e S urgeonG eneral T abl e ontnued S tudy esi g n/ popul ati on Measures O utco es/ fndi ng s o ents M D onald and Ling Foc usgroupsand sem istruc tured P er eived risks Littleknowledgeofthedevi es N o lim itations (2015) interviews B eliefthate igarettes ontain reported • Re ruitm entfrom barsthrough harm less watervapor” ratherthan s reenersurveys sm oke • Yearssam pledrawn: –2 B eliefthat watervapor” isless • Youth: n/ a harm ful oreven good” forusers • Youngadults youngadultsinthe boroughsofM anhattan gastritis diet japan cheap omeprazole 40 mg, B rooklyn gastritis symptoms night sweats generic omeprazole 20 mg otc, and Q ueensinN ew York ity 1 –2 yearsofage N Roditisand alpern Foc usgroups P er eived risksand benef ts Littleknowledgeofrisksof — Felsher(2015) Re ruitm entfrom afters hool assoc iated with onventional e igaretteuse program sinurbanN orthern igarettesversuse igarettes B eliefthate igaretteshaveno C alifornia ni otine • –6 parti ipantsineac h group • adoles ents fem ale m ale C ooperetal gastritis diet soy milk purchase omeprazole american express. There were 132 middle students excluded due to missing responses for e-cigarette use. There were 166 high school students excluded due to missing responses for e-cigarette use. This is further reinforced edge about the perceived harm of e-cigarettes relative to by a study of young adults from Switzerland, which found conventional cigarettes was associated with lower odds of that after 15 months of follow-up, e-cigarette use was not using e-cigarettes (Sutfn et al. In the study by Choi and Forster (2014b), lower conventional cigarettes (Gmel et al. There is some perceived harm of e-cigarettes and the belief at baseline evidence to suggest that curiosity was a stronger driver of that e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking were both an e-cigarette trial among young adults than smoking ces associated at follow-up with a higher likelihood of having sation, and that smoking cessation was a stronger driver tried e-cigarettes. Other evidence suggests that reasons for use were driven Reasons for Use and Discontinuation by tobacco-use status, with regular adolescent e-cigarette users much more likely than adolescents who had used Reasons for Use e-cigarettes just once to give the reason for use as smoking cessation, smoking reduction, or avoidance of smoke-free Table 2. However, in an article published reasons youth and young adults reported trying or using by this group (Bold et al. Although use of e-cigarettes as a potential cessation more socially acceptable than smoking conventional ciga device for conventional cigarette smoking among adults is rettes in public (Trumbo and Harper 2013). Youth and Young Adults 75 A eportofth e S urgeonG eneral T abl e S u ary ofstudi eson reasonsforuse and di scontnuaton ofe ci g arettesam ong youth and young aduts S tudy esi g n/ popul ati on Measures O utco es/ fndi ng s A dkison et P arallel prospe tive ohort Fourquestionswereasked regarding N otexpli itlyreported foryoungadults al. Foc usgroups P otential asquitaids Ineffe tiveasquitaidsbe ause (2012) Re ruitm entby online – ontain ni otine advertisem ents yersonone – P otential to beaddi ted to e igarettes 4 yearand two year ollege am puses – Elim inatesoc ial interac tion aspe t (announc em entsinstudentlife P otential to helpquitsm okingbe ause newsletterata year ollege and – P otential forgradual reduc tion in ni otine (re ruitm entbooth ona year c ollege am pus • Yearsam pledrawn: • Youth: n/ a • Youngadults Individualsin M inneapolis St P aul, M N enrolled inor who had graduated from 4 year olleges orthosewho were enrolled inorhad graduated from 2 year olleges orthosewho had not enrolled inpostse ondaryeduc ation; N 7 h apter E igarette U se m ong Youth and Young A dul ts T abl e ontnued S tudy esi g n/ popul ati on Measures O utco es/ fndi ng s C hoiand P opulation based prospe tive ohort Indi ateyourlevel ofagreem ent agreed e igarettes an helpquitsm oking Forster study E igarettes anhelppeoplequitsm oking assoc iated with thefollowing harac teristi s (2013) Interview E igarettesarelessharm ful than – N otbeingnon ispani W hite A O R = • lusterrandom sam pling igarettes I, –0 • Yearssam pledrawn: –2 E igarettesarelessaddi tivethan – Enrolled/ graduated from year ollege A O R = • Youth: n/ a igarettes I, –1 • Youngadults U. Youth and Young dul ts A eportofth e S urgeonG eneral T abl e ontnued S tudy esi g n/ popul ati on Measures O utco es/ fndi ng s Lietal. P opulation W hy did you usee igarettes yesno) N otexpli itlyreported foryoungadults (2013) O nline based surveys Saferthan c igarettes • N ational probabilitysam ple heaperthan c igarettes • Yearsam pledrawn: Easy to usewhen I c an’ tsm oke • Youth: n/ a To tryto quitsm oking igarettes • Youngadults U. Youth and Young dul ts A eportofth e S urgeonG eneral T abl e ontnued S tudy esi g n/ popul ati on Measures O utco es/ fndi ng s C hoiand P opulation based prospe tive ohort Indi ateyourlevel ofagreem entwith the agreed thate igarettes an helppeoplequitsm oking Forster study following assoc iated with e igaretteexperim entation atfollow up (2014b) Survey Usinge igarettes anhelppeoplequit A O R = I, –3 • lusterrandom sam pling sm oking agreed thate igarettesarelessharm ful than • Yearssam pledrawn: –2 Usinge igarettesislessharm ful to igarettes assoc iated with e igaretteexperim entationat • Youth: n/ a health oftheuserthan sm oking igarettes follow up A O R = I, –3 • Youngadults parti ipantsinM innesota E igarettesarelessaddi tivethan agreed thate igarettesarelessaddi tivethan A doles ent om m unity ohort igarettes igarettes n C zolietal. Youth and Young dul ts A eportofth e S urgeonG eneral T abl e ontnued S tudy esi g n/ popul ati on Measures O utco es/ fndi ng s C am enga Foc usgroups D is ussyourm otivationsto usee igarettes M aintain sm okingac tionswhileallowingindividualsto use etal. P urposivesam pling a healthier” ni otineproduc t (2015) Yearssam pledrawn: M aintain tac tilesensationsto helpwith onditioned 2 –2 sm oking ues • Youth: m iddleand high s hool students ollegestudentsbelieved e igarettesto behealthierthan in C onne ti ut n igarettes • Youngadults ollegestudentsin C onne ti ut n K ongetal. Youth and Young dul ts A eportofth e S urgeonG eneral T abl e ontnued S tudy esi g n/ popul ati on Measures O utco es/ fndi ng s Suris ross se tional Reasonforhavingused e igarettes Experim entersweresignif c antlym orelikelyto haveused (2015) D ata drawnfrom spring waveof – uriosity e igarettesfor uriositywhileuserswerem orelikely to ado @ internetch alongitudinal study – To sm okewhereitisforbidden usethem whereitisforbiddento sm oke p onInternetuse – To reduc esm oking • Representativesam pleofstudentsin – To do likem y friends Frenc h speakingpartofSwitzerland – To quitsm oking • Sam pleof studentsinc luded – O ther nevere igaretteusers n experim enters n and users (n m ean age years Sutfn Longitudinal ohortstudy W hydid you try e igarettes he kall Them ajority reported uriosityasareasonfor (2015) D atafrom theSm okelessTobac o Use thatapply) tryinge igarettes in ollegeStudentsStudy – I was uriousabouttheproduc t” M orethan 7 tried e igarettesbe ausetheirfriends • ollegestudentsfrom N orth arolina – Itm ightbebetterform y health than used them and Virginia sm oking igarettes” A bout tried e igarettesbe ausethey believed them • Reasonsfore igaretteusewere – M y friendsusee igarettes” to bebetterfortheirhealth than c igarettes evaluated atW ave ofthestudy n – I c an useitinplac eswhere igarette Fifty per ent ited, Itdoesn’ tsm ell bad, ” and I c anuse sm okingisnotallowed” itwhere igarettesm okingisnotallowed” – To helpm equitsm oking” A bout said thatthey used e igarettesto c utdown – To utdownonsm oking” onsm oking – Itdoesn’ tsm ell bad” Twentyper entsaid thatthey tried e igarettesto help them quitsm oking U niversity ross se tional W hathavebeen them ostim portantreasons M orethan halfofall studentsin 8 th, 1 th, and 1 th grades of D atafrom theM onitoringtheFuture foryourusingan ele troni vaporizer, suc h reported that uriosityto seewhatthey werelikewasa M ichigan Study asan e igarette ” prim ary reason foruse (2015) Sc hool based, selfadm inistered, paper – To helpm equitregular igarettes Fortyper entsaid thatthey used e igarettesbe ausethey and penc il questionnairewith c ross – B e auseregular igaretteuseisnot tasted good se tional and longitudinal om ponents perm itted A bout said theyused them inanattem ptto quit • Studentsfrom th, 1 th, and 1 th grades – To experim entto seewhatit’ slike sm okingregular igarettes • W eighted sam pleofstudentsresponding – To relaxorrelievetension to the reasonsforuseofele troni – To feel good orgethigh vaporizer” question: th grade – B e auseitlooks ool (th grade and th grade – To haveagood tim ewith m yfriends – B e auseofboredom — nothingelseto do – B e auseittastesgood – B e auseI am hooked”— I haveto haveit 8 h apter E igarette U se m ong Youth and Young A dul ts T abl e ontnued S tudy esi g n/ popul ati on Measures O utco es/ fndi ng s Berg ross se tional Reasonsforuse: Forwhatreasonsdo you/ Reasonsforuseam ong urrente igaretteusers (2016) Re ruitm entthrough Fac ebook m ightyou usee igarettes – ‘‘They m ightbelessharm ful than c igarettes targetingoftobac o and m arijuana users Reasonsfordis ontinued use W hy haveyou – ‘‘They do notsm ell’ ’ and nonusers notused re ently Youth and Young dul ts A Report of the Surgeon General a population-based cohort study of U. Another determine any potential effcacy of e-cigarette use for con cohort study of Swiss young adult men concluded that ventional cigarette smoking cessation in young adults. In one study e-cigarette users and nonusers in the number of conven of young adults aged 18–35, former and never smokers of tional cigarettes smoked per week were noted at follow conventional cigarettes also cited the idea that e-cigarettes up, either (Gmel et al. In a study by Unger and col were “bad for their health” as a reason for discontinuation leagues (2016), which focused on Hispanic young adults (Biener and Hargraves 2015; Biener et al. The most recent data also show that past-30-day e-cigarettes and use of both types of products (Figure 2. Among youth and young combustibles, appeared to co-vary among youth and young adults, rates of ever and past-30-day use of e-cigarettes adults (Figures 2. Although fve longitu have increased greatly since the earliest e-cigarette surveil dinal studies suggest that e-cigarette use is related to the lance efforts began in 2011. The increases among adults onset of other tobacco product and marijuana use among 25 years of age and older, by comparison, have been less youth and young adults (Leventhal et al. National data Although use of other tobacco products has been the show that only 23. Across both ever use and past-30-day use mea nifcant differences emerge in these perceptions of harm sures, e-cigarette use has been more common among high when examined by whether or not youth and young adults school than middle school students, a pattern similar to use e-cigarettes. No differ that e-cigarettes convey “no harm” compared to never ences between boys and girls were observed among middle e-cigarette users, for both age groups (Tables 2. Ever and past-30-day a less harmful/less toxic alternative to conventional ciga e-cigarette use was also signifcantly lower among those rettes (Peters et al. Additional research is needed to examine how reasons e-cigarette-related knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs is for use, including the appeal of favored e-cigarettes, are still developing and remains relatively sparse. Perceived causally related to the onset and progression of e-cigarette harm is the most developed area of research.

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